Ever had any ideas that you have wanted to explore within a supportive and encouraging environment?

Blak Dot is looking for submissions from exhibitors, curators & emerging curators for our 2018-2019 Programming.

We accept submissions from all artistic fields including:

• Artists • Designers • Musicians & Sound Artists • Craftspeople • Photographers • Videographers • Installation Artists • Theatre or Dance Performances • Arts Events • Arts Workshops • All-round Creatives

As an artist-run gallery, we encourage full participation of the artist in curating, promoting and hosting their own events. We facilitate the smooth operation of the exhibition or event and are always on hand to assist when required.

Come discuss with us how we can help you realise your vision!



Download a pdf of our gallery specifications and floor plan.



Blak Dot provides assistance with:

• Exhibition design, installation and lighting in consultation with exhibitor.
• Basic equipment for hanging/plinths for sculptural work.
• Support with media release, advertising and invite design
• Advertising of your show on the galleries web site and other appropriate sites.
• Licensed sale of alcohol on opening night (Food platter on opening night)
• Use of kitchen, glasses and platters for the opening



Application inquiries can be made to the gallery curator by emailing: exhibit@blakdot.com.au

Apply for an exhibition by completing our online application form.



Gallery Sitting

Although we have a regular team of volunteers who help run and sit the gallery, it is a condition of exhibiting with Blak Dot that artists organise to sit the gallery during the period their work is exhibited, either in person or with pre-arranged volunteers of their own choosing (subject to approval by the Gallery Curator).

As an artist-run space we depend on such contributions to keep the gallery in operation.

It has also been our experience in the past that having the artist present at the gallery during the term of their exhibition leads to more art sales and gallery patronage.

Acknowledgement Requirements

Acknowledgement requirements for the exhibition include: the inclusion of Blak Dot Gallery logos alongside the gallery name on all publicity material generated for the exhibition. (Logo will be supplied).


All payments for artwork sold will be paid to Blak Dot Gallery.

Commission (30%) will be deducted from the sale price and payment will be paid directly into your account within two weeks of the show ending.


The Blak Dot Gallery encourages exhibitors to think creatively about the presentation of their work. All decisions regarding presentation must be made in consultation with and approved by the Gallery Curator.

Exhibitors are encouraged to actively participate in the installation process, however the Gallery Curator retains the right to make the final decisions on gallery presentations. In exceptional circumstances, such as when an international or inter-state artist is unable to be present, Blak Dot Gallery will organize installation.

Set-up hours are between 9-5pm Mon to Wed.

The gallery’s exhibition program is established 6 months in advance and timelines for installation and de-installation need to be strictly adhered to. The Curator in consultation with the artist will establish timelines.

The artist is responsible for delivery of artworks and pick up from the gallery at the end of the exhibition.



Spaces at Blak Dot Gallery are also available for workshops, events, launches, film screenings as well as corporate and private hire (subject to availability). Blak Dot holds an on-premises liquor license and therefore provides all bar services within its license.

Inquire by email for rates & quotes.